Have you joined a Vermont Christmas Tree Association
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This is a question many people might ask a Vermont Christmas tree farm owner. There are as many different types of Christmas trees in Vermont as there are associations that one might become a member of in order to wholesale the balsam fir holiday trees to the buying public.


Not all Christmas tree associations in Vermont , New Hampshire and the other New England States are on equal footing in terms of the membership cost, admission requirements  and  benefits or the lack thereof. One of the key benefits offered to any perspective association member would be the opportunity to have their Holiday Christmas Trees location listed for the general public to know where to contact them. A secondary benefit would be the ability to reach out to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New England in general and lastly the World, through the Internet and possibly showcase some of their fine wholesale Christmas Trees.


You may find a National Christmas Tree Association or two out there that looks like it is in the top spot in your favorite search engine and appears to be a great way to market your Wholesale Christmas Trees. Once you take a closer look at those types of National Christmas Tree Association websites you will see a common theme. There seems to be no real  "Association"  per say  or a "bonding together" by a group of like minded Wholesale Christmas Tree growers on a National level with those websites.


National Associations always seem to lack the close knit feeling of a regional level Christmas Tree Association or even a State Christmas Tree Association. The real question from any Wholesale Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir or Fraser-Balsam Cross Christmas tree grower would be "Is there one flat rate fee to join a Christmas Tree Association?".  Many of the National Association websites offer a multi - level pricing package to become a member. This type of elitism seems to cause more harm than good amongst local Christmas Tree growers. What your potential customer wants is to see are your Christmas Trees not a huge advertisement that you paid $2000 for, sitting on the top of a generic web page from some National Association of wholesale Christmas Tree Growers Website. Seeing the quality of Christmas Trees is always better than seeing a bill-board advertisement with no trees.


Customers who do look up Wholesale Christmas Trees on the Internet may be overwhelmed by the huge number of websites that have top level listings but have very little substance in the way of actual pictures of Christmas Trees from Vermont, New Hampshire and New England in general. Usually on a National Christmas Tree Association type of website there are listings of Christmas Tree farm names, an address and a phone number, big deal .. no pictures. A potential member of a National Wholesale Christmas Trees Association may want to consider joining a regional Wholesale Christmas Trees Association or even a State Wholesale Christmas Trees Association just to address that one very important fact alone.


Exploring the possibilities of joining a Vermont Wholesale Christmas Trees Association or even a New Hampshire Wholesale Christmas Trees Association can also seem like a challenge. The Local, Personal relationship level should be there as well as a flat rate membership cost to join. All wholesale Christmas tree growers should be on equal footing as far as what is offered to them in a membership and what is expected of them as members. Some Christmas Tree growers in Vermont will join both a type of Vermont Wholesale Christmas Trees Association and will also join one from a National Level in hopes of doing the most business they can.


There is a New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association that is another good choice for those Vermont Wholesale Christmas Tree growers that want to branch out beyond the borders of Vermont with their ability to advertise throughout New England the United States as well through the Internet. They have a flat rate for membership in a number of different categories, meet three times a year, They have a lot going for them. A Vermont Wholesale Christmas Tree grower can contact the New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association and ask them to make a change on their website to update important information for the public and they will move heaven and earth for an Association Member, to make that happen. I have personally seen them do it . I hope you have enjoyed the information on this page. The views and opinions expressed on this web page are not that of the website owner were not approved by the website owner,  signed the Webmaster




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